Rain Soul Nutrition Dietary Supplement Drink (Half Pack) – 15 Pouches × 60ml


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SOUL is a ready to drink energy and health supplement drink made by RAIN INTERNATIONAL LLC. Utah, USA. RAIN products are so powerful because of their extremely high nutrition value of seeds. They go to the source of the nutrients by cold-pressing seeds to extract as much value as possible. In each pouch of SOUL is a potent combination of fruit, fats, and vegetables — exactly what your body needs every day!


Everything in nature begins with a SEED: Ecosystem. Ideas. Even Life Itself. It nutures, protects, and diversifies.

The nutrition inside each SEED is condensed, pure, and easily digestible. The Chemical Compounds, Vitamins, and Minerals are cold – compressed to preserve the Nutrients and give it to your body denser than you’ve ever experienced.
Because nutrition is taken straight from the source, you know it’s CLEAN. Never Processed. Never Altered. ALWAYS REAL. Nothing is Changed.

The World Has Never Seen Anything Like This.


RAIN SOUL is prepared with a blend of awesome natural seed extracts and components, containing Black Cumin Seeds, Raspberry Seeds, Chardonnay Grape Seeds and D-ribose. Every pouch of SOUL is packed with 10 fruits and 10 vegetables, 12 vitamins and 17 minerals, 9 amino acids and essential fatty acids, and antioxidants and anti-aging enzyme SIRT1.

Consumption of RAIN SOUL supplies your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables, so that you get the required vitamins and minerals to give your body an energy boost, enhances your immune system, better brain focus, body repairs and proper function. SOUL has a dense source of omegas and phytonutrients to provide your body with needed natural healthy fats. Also, it’s powerful antioxidants ensure free radical reduction, and minor muscle pain relief, SOUL is the ideal supplement to give life to your soul. Little wonder it promotes body longevity to the elderly and people with health challenges who takes it regularly.


RAIN SOUL isn’t like other supplements. It comes in 2 ounce pouch of 60ml, and it’s so easy to use and take with you anywhere. Simply shake, rip, and drink. Perfect for consuming on the go, at work, home, or any place where you need a boost. While extremely easy to take by itself, you can also mix them into foods like smoothies or yogurt — it’s up to you!

Give your body a concentrated mix of life enhancing seeds and essential fatty acids and enjoy the power of Seed Nutrition with Rain Soul.


In each pouch of SOUL are powerful seeds to supercharge your body. SOUL contains Black Cumin Seeds, Black Raspberry Seeds, Grape Seeds, and D-Ribose. Together, these ingredients offer the nutrients your body needs to combat free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.

It is a rich collection of anti-oxidants and more than 100 chemical compounds to boost your health. Black Cumin Seeds is known as one of the important plant extracts for human consumption.

It helps maintain our health by enhancing the production of bone marrow, natural interferon and immune cells.
It also helps to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Black Raspberry Seed mainly contain antioxidant-like phyto-nutrients that include ellagitannins and anthocyanins. These are the major elements included in SOUL to support our immune system. Ellagitannins exists in any seed, but in Black Raspberry seed, it’s prescence is found to be in POTENT LEVELS.

The anti-oxidants in Raspberry seeds are capable to get rid of cell damaging substance know as free radicals

Chardonnay Grape Seed are a rich source of flavonoids dubbed proanthocyanidins, which are great for brain health. Proanthocyanidins are known for their free radical quenching anti-oxidants and collagen-protecting qualities. They also effectively chelate iron ion that are great promoter of lipid peroxide, hydroxyl radical production and hydrogen peroxide.

It is the major energy booster in SOUL. D-ribose, a five carbon sugar naturally found in each cell of human body, is used in SOUL with a mix of Oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to energize each cell of the body. It is also present in RNA (ribonucleic acid)one of the key information carriers of living organisms.
The body usually get fatigued as a result of many factors. Several things like free radicals due to exercise, excessive smoking, daily stress, excessive fat intake and aging may fatigue your body. It is here D-ribose in Soul works out. It refills energy in cell of the body instantly so that the body can recover the weariness quite faster.

RAIN SOUL –  A Synergistic Blend Of The World’s Most Powerful Seeds Combined To Give Your Body What It Needs To Replenish And Perform.


Cardio-Vascular support (from Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids)
Boost immune system
Increased Energy
Reduced Inflammation – 281 times stronger in reducing inflammation than aspirin without the side effect
Support immune and circulatory system
Prevent free radical and repair cell damage by free radical
Prevents and fights Cancers of any origin, and other pre-existing diseases
Improved mentality function
Improve Endurance
Decrease LDL cholesterol and diastolic blood pressure level
Each sachet of Rain Soul contains 9 of the 14 super nutrition that are necessary to consume daily
Each sachet of rain soul contains 20% of the daily recommended value or 4.5 grams of fiber.
Support heart, respiratory, kidney function and liver
Good for the children and makes them strong
Regular intake of Rain Soul protects your family from diseases, keeps Doctors calls away and saves you medical bills

Rain Soul is available in a pack of 15 (15 Sachets)

Note: People with pre-existing medical conditions are advised to go for this 30-day pack, and take one Sachet of Rain Soul every night before bedtime for 30 days, for improvement in conditions.
Also, the 30-day pack is for family pack as well, for families to use.

Key Features

  • Rain Soul
  • Soul
  • Rain International LLC, Utah, USA
  • Seed Nutrition Supplement Drink
  • Black Cumin Seeds, Raspberry Seeds, Chardonnay Grape Seeds, D-ribose, Resveratrol
  • 10 Fruits and 10 Vegetables, 12 Vitamins and 17 Minerals, 9 Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Anti-Aging Enzyme SIRT1
  • Half Packet (1/2 Pack)
  • 15 Pouches/Sachets
  • 15 Pouches × 60ml
  • Pack of 15
  • 15 Pouches/Sachets In A Pack




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