Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger With Type-C Cable


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Adaptive Fast Charging is the smartest option for charging your mobile devices. Not only it will fast charge your device, but it knows when to stop/slow charging to prolong the life of your smartphone.


The charger gets hot when charging, should I be concerned?


This is very normal. ADC activates itself when your device power is low. As your device power gets fuller, ADC will automatically slow down the charging. Therefore, the charger’s temperature will drop. So is it safe to use? Absolutely.


What is the difference between Quick Charge (QC) and Adaptive Fast charging (ADC)?


They are basically the same technology but brands marketed in different names. While Qualcomm named it Quick Charge, Samsung named it Adaptive Fast Charging.


Will this product Quick Charge other Android phones?


Yes. As long as your device supports Quick Charge/Fast Charge/Turbo Charge, our wall charger with Type C cable will quickly charge your device.


Key Features

Compatibility – Type-C compatible phones


Fast Charging



Value for money




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