T55 Series 6 smartwatch


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  1. T55+ Smart Watch
  2. Replaceable Strap
  3. 7 Watch Faces 
  4. Bluetooth Call
  5. Alarm/Calendar
  6. Voice Recorded 
  7. Health monitoring
  8. Bluetooth Music Control
  9. Sleep quality monitoring
  10. Activity Tracker
  11. Steps Counter
  12. Messages reminder/Message push
  13. A variety of Sport mode monitoring
  14. smartwatch is a watch with multifunctional features.The smartwatch is a watch with information processing capability that meets the basic technical requirements of a watch.In addition to indicating the time a smart watch should also have one or more functions such as reminding, navigation, calibration, monitoring and interaction.Display mode includes pointer, number, image and so on.The smart watch is a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor: the smart fitness belt tracks and records your heart rate, steps, calories, distance, workout duration and exercise patterns.Health functions: heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality).Call/message alert, social message alert, bluetooth camera, music remote control, real-time weather sync, find, alarm, meeting alert location.Clock setting function: raise the wrist to wake the screen, stopwatch, adjust brightness.Additional features: static reminder, remote camera shooting, media player control, mobile phone search, alarm setting, waterproofing, call alert, guidance, weather, etc.The wristband is made of a flexible and durable elastomer material, similar to that used in many sports watches, and the clasp is made of stainless steel.Operating temperature -20 ° c to 45 ° c, operating height up to 10532 meters.Long battery life features, battery life up to one year, no need to recharge.If your wrist is wet or sweaty, remove the watch and dry the strap thoroughly before wearing it….




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