Ultralight Anti Blue Light Blue Ray Computer Glass – Grey


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Effectively block ultraviolet radiation, provide 100% UV400 protection and filter harmful blue light from your eyes with our anti blue light glasses

It is suitable for use when watching TV, while using your smartphone and when you’re on your laptop or computer.Who needs anti blue light glasses?Everyone. In this day and age where everyone is glues to their screens, the eyes is exposed to more and more harm from harmful blue lights and radiation that emits from screens. So everyone needs this glasses to reduce risk of using recommended glasses.If you work in a firm/office where you have to be on screen for long, you need thisIf you work from home, and most of your time is on screens, you need thisAre you a social media influencer? You need anti blue light glassesWhat dangers are there from using these glasses?None at all. You only stand to maintain your eye sight while on screens.Can the glasses be worn outdoors?Yes, they can be. Its UV400 protection will help protect your eyes not only from direct sunlight, but from radiation from the sun also.Can anti blue light glasses correct my eye defects?No. Anti blue light glasses only helps you prevent your eyes from becoming defective.Can I get the frames in different colors?Yes. We have colors gold and black at the moment. Every Nigerian needs anti blue light glasses. The sun can be excessively hot at times, we spend lots of time on screen too. So protect your eyes from harmful light now.Available for delivery anywhere in Nigeria

Key Features

  • reduce risk of using recommended glasses
  • No headaches while using laptop for long
  • Stay on screen for as long as you want
  • Deflect harmful blue light from your eyes


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